How does your membership program work?

After signing up on the site, all new members receive 20% off their first order.   

We currently do not sell memberships. Membership status is assigned after your first order. Based on your first order $ amount, you will be assigned a membership level. 

Your membership level is activated upon your first purchase and is valid for 90 days, automatically renewed every 90 days based on your purchases total.

Membership levels are reset every 90 days, and based on your previous 90 day $ spend total.  The more you spend, the more you save! Below are some of the perks, we will be evaluating and adjusting as time goes on, always looking to provide more value to loyal customers.

Membership program qualifying levels

4 levels (based on initial purchase and previous 90 day $ spend total)

Bronze   - $0-499

Silver   - $500-999

Gold     - $1000-1999

Platinum - $2000+

Membership Discount Rates (+2.5% loyalty points cash back awarded to every member on every order)

Platinum - 10% automatic discount at checkout

Gold - 7% automatic discount at checkout

Silver - 3% automatic discount at checkout

Bronze - no automatic discount at checkout 

Membership Shipping Rates

Platinum - Free shipping on any size order

Gold - Free shipping over $99 - $10 flat rate under $100

Silver - Free shipping over $99 - $15 flat rate under $100

Bronze - Free shipping over $149 - $18 flat rate under $150

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